Set up automatic tracking

Automatic tracking is a free customer delivery and returns feature. It allows you to have Canada Post packages automatically added to your signed-in Canada Post Track list (incoming and returns). It also means you’ll get notifications for these packages and can set a delivery preference for eligible packages in case we try to deliver directly to your home. We’ll make a reasonable effort to accommodate your request.

Start automatic tracking


When you subscribe to automatic tracking, you’ll get email and/or text notifications when:

  • We’ve identified a Canada Post package being sent to you
  • We’ve identified a Canada Post package you are returning
  • There’s an unforeseen delivery interruption (for example, when a package has been returned to sender)
  • You have applicable duty and taxes owing with the ability to pay them online prior to delivery
  • Your package is:
    • Out for delivery
    • Ready for pickup at a post office
    • Delivered to a residence, community mailbox, or parcel locker
    • Delivered to a merchant

You can opt out of these notifications at any time in your profile settings.

Common automatic tracking questions

Why am I asked to add alternate names?

The name on your government-issued ID and other information may not be the same as the name you use when ordering packages online. Also, friends and family may use a nickname for you when sending a gift.

To best identify packages, we need to know the proper spelling of all the names you anticipate having on your packages.

You can add up to 5 variations of your own name. Please make sure the alternate names you enter include your full first and last name as they would appear on a package.

Why am I not seeing a Canada Post tracking number on my signed-in Track list?

There are several reasons why a Canada Post package may not be on your signed-in Track list:

  • It could be too early or too late in the delivery process (for example, the package is out for delivery or delivered).
  • Packages you order and send to others won’t be visible. In this case, you could manually add the tracking number to your Track list.

Why was there a tracking number added to my Track list that I don’t recognize?

Even if you don’t recognize a package, it could still be yours. It might be a gift from a friend or family member, or a partial delivery from an online retailer. If you’re not completely sure, you can flag the package as “not my package”. Flagging a package won’t affect its delivery, but will report it to us. This will help our systems refine our automatic tracking service.

How do I set up my phone number to receive text notifications?

Canada Post needs a verified phone number to send text notifications. Once you have set up a verified phone number in your profile, you’ll be able to turn on text notifications for all of your automatically tracked packages.