Privacy Policy

A postal worker scans a Canada Post flat rate box.


Canada Post has been connecting Canadians for over 2 centuries. We deliver mail and parcels and provide additional services designed to keep pace with modern life. To do this we use information that you entrust with us. We believe that an important part of respecting your privacy is to be clear about how we handle your personal information.Footnote 1

Our privacy commitment

We commit to put you – the customer – first. We’ll be transparent about how we collect and use your information, keep your information secure, and provide you meaningful choices.

Our privacy program

We understand our responsibility to protect your information and keep your trust in our brand. We have a mature privacy management program with strong accountability. We do a privacy assessment at the early design or modification stage for every product and service that involves personal information. This privacy-by-design approach ensures we find and mitigate privacy risks before development or launch.

Our Privacy Policy

We have developed our Privacy Policy to give you specific information about our privacy practices and the principles that govern how Canada Post protects our customers’ personal information.

This policy will explain:

  • What personal information we collect
  • Why we collect your personal information
  • How we use your personal information
  • When we can share your personal information
  • Why we can share your personal information
  • How we protect your personal information
  • How you can manage or access your personal information

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this policy or the way we handle your personal information.

You should read this policy together with any other product or service information we provide.