Acting on behalf of someone else overview

When acting on behalf of another person, business, or organization, the personal ID you present must indicate the same address as that person or organization. If it doesn’t, we need additional proof of such authority and we’ll record the complete third-party information.

Besides showing acceptable personal identification, you must also have either a:

  • Delivery Notice Card

    The addressee must sign the Delivery Notice Card to indicate the name of the person authorized to pick up the item. This option is for individuals only. It’s not applicable to mail addressed to a business or organization.


  • Letter of Authorization

    A Letter of Authorization is available at the post office, which clearly gives you specific authority to pick up mail or apply for services on behalf of the addressee.

    The person presenting the Letter of Authorization to the post office doesn’t need to be the person granting authority, but must have their government-issued photo ID verified and their signature witnessed at the counter by the postal clerk.


  • Legal documentation

    We need additional proof of authority when acting on behalf of:

Please note:

We’ll only deliver items shipped with the Proof of Identity service option to the intended recipient (addressee). We won’t deliver Proof of Identity items, under any circumstances, to another person acting on behalf of the addressee. Letters of Authorization, or other legal documents, aren’t allowed.