Get response reports and design reply mail

    Design and create artwork according to our specifications for discounted postage prices and generate daily campaign reports to plan for items coming your way. Terms and conditions apply.
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    Why use our design and reporting tool

    Easy to use

    It’s free and easy to use. There’s a step-by-step guide to create envelopes, cards and labels.

    Save money

    You’ll pay lower postage fees. The tool can help you make sure you are meeting the size and weight specs to qualify for discounted rates.

    Fast and accurate

    You get real-time data as your mail pieces are processed at our plant to help you plan for them.

    Reconcile easily

    Easily reconcile the items you receive.

    How to get started

    1. Sign up for our  Canada Post Solutions for Small Business TM program or sign a volume-based contract with us.
    2. Sign in to design your artwork using our free online tool. Read about our design requirements. This tool is ideal for designing machineable mailings to keep your postage costs low. 
    3. Test your artwork before printing to make sure it meets size, weight and machine-processing specifications.
    4. Place it into your direct mail campaign mail piece.
    5. Get reports to track your responses.

    Need more details about Business Reply Mail?

    You’ll learn about: 
    • Pricing based on the item’s weight. 
    • Standard size and weight measurements to help you design your mailing. 
    • Preparing your mailing into bundles for processing. 
    • Creating your order.
    Read the full guide